Top-Rated GHD hair straighteners

Here, I classified GHD hair straighteners, graded them, and included them in the list of the best models. To create this guide, I read tons of reviews and gathered all the relevant information. Continue reading to get to know more about the winners.

First, you will learn basic info provided by the producer, and then you will go over a pros-and-cons section. You will see what the users liked about each product exactly, and what disappointed them while using it.

Gold professional styler, GHD

Gold professional styler, GHDLet’s see what the manufacturer offers:

  • Works well at creating salon looking flicks, waves, and curls
  • Lightweight and cool
  • Smooth and contoured plates that prevent tangling and offer the professional finish
  • A rounder barrel that allows for styling with ease

Positive reviews: 

prosI bought this hair straightener almost five years ago. It is still working like a brand new one. To me, this is the best model I’ve ever had to style my hair. I had luck to choose and buy this unit. I will opt for this one if I have to replace my old ‘friend.’

prosIt requires no time to heat up and is user-friendly. Since I started using this device, my friends and family started giving me dozens of compliments about my hairstyle. Moreover, the hair iron doesn’t damage my hair. It requires several minutes to make my hair look fantastic. It is straight and beautiful after a pass. To look grand any time, opt for this product.

prosI started using straighteners a long time ago. I’ve learned many reviews for different brands and replaced many hair straighteners. For now, my winner is a GHD hair iron. The device does an excellent job! It adjusts its temperature automatically and doesn’t get hot on the outside while I use it. It doesn’t cause any burns and can just rest on any surface with no damage. As for me, this is the best buy.

prosI consider this hair straightener to be very efficient. It does an excellent job when straightening my thick and frizzy hair in just ten minutes. I don’t have much experience in straightening, but I appreciate its broad plates that work so fast. Another thing I am happy about is its price tag. To me, it is a reasonably priced unit.

prosThe speed this hair iron made my hair look fantastic with surprised me. It takes only five minutes for me to get perfect hair. The things I like most about this product: an attractive design and short heat-up time.

prosMy stylist advised me to get this one. I’d learned lots of reviews and finally bought a GHD hair iron. I enjoyed using it from the very beginning! I was able to make my unruly hair look just great in several minutes. I liked my straight hair with no curls very much. Now my hair looks healthy and shiny!

What customers didn’t like about this unit:

The only thing about this hair straightener that I was not satisfied with was an American plug. To do my hair, I had to change the plug. Afterward, I felt fully satisfied when using it.

An on/off button sits on the inside. To me, there is better place for it


Gold classic styler, GHD

ghd Classic

The manufacturer’s specification:

  • A professional gold one-inch iron
  • Straightens, curls, and waves all hair types
  • Offers a salon looking hairstyle
  • Smoother contoured plates glide through hair with ease
  • Ceramic heaters
  • Has a lightweight and stylish body that features a protective plate guard
  • Enters sleep mode after thirty minutes of inactivity
  • Universal voltage
  • Two-year warranty, free delivery is possible


prosI have a wavy and colored hair. To me, this hair iron is the best model that I’ve ever had to make my hair look grand. I’ve tested a great number of brands over the years. Unlike others, the GHR one is very lightweight and slim. It is comfortable to hold and manipulate. A light model does a better job than bulky ones.

prosI have been working at a salon professional retailer for more than a decade. I always tended to give my clients the best. That’s why I used this GHD hair iron. To me, this unit offers unparalleled smooth shine.

prosSince I hate my curly hair, this item comes in handy. I straighten my hair every morning before going out, and all of my previous hair strengtheners weren’t able to serve me for a long time. I can use the iron every day without the need to worry about it to get broken. Now I have shiny hair that looks like I’ve just left a salon.

prosWhen the straightener is heated up, you hear beeping. This GHD hair straightener is high-quality, very efficient, and nice. I have a coarse and dry hair, and I was always afraid of frying it. A salon professional recommended me to buy the GHD unit that is right for my type of hair. I’m glad that I took her advice!

prosThe GHD hair iron does an excellent job when straightening my curly and frizzy hair. In the result, my hair looks beautiful and shiny. What I like about the unit most is quick on and auto shut-off. The plates glide perfectly through my hair allowing me to get it done in few minutes.

prosThis device works well at curling my hair. It allows for making fantastic and long lasting curls. My hair always looks beautiful. With the GHD hair iron, my hair looks healthy and my fingers are safe. It features a neat body.


consSometimes, for the unit to work, I have to push those two buttons once I plug it in. It’s not a big problem. It is just weird. Otherwise, it all does an excellent job. I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase.


Candy collection classic professional hair iron

GHD Candy Collection Professional Styler

Basic information about the model from the manufacturer:

  • Creates stunning styles with the power of ceramic technology
  • After a half an hour of inactivity, the unit shuts off
  • Features a 9.5-ft cord that swivels
  • Universal voltage
  • Two-year warranty

Now we can start with the loss-and-gains section.


prosI couldn’t believe that my old cheap hair iron was so inefficient until I bought a GHD one. Now, I have an incredible hairstyle without frizz. The device heats up fast. It takes about ten seconds to get ready.  The GHD is a must have, especially if straighten your hair every day. To me, this device is the best buy.

prosIts heat-up time is very short! When it is heated up, it starts beeping. I have thick and unruly hair, and it takes about ten minutes to make it straight. I am not afraid of drying and burning my hair. I recommend this hair iron to those searching for a perfect hair strengthener.

prosThe GHD hair iron works well at straightening my hair. Unlike my previous hair strengthener, it doesn’t make it look dry and lifeless. When using this unit, I’m sure that my hair will look just great at the end. I even burned my fingers testing if the iron was heated up. When I turned it on for the first time, it started beeping in only several second. I had no idea that it was ready so soon, so I touched the plate to check it, and it was.

prosThis hair iron is very lightweight, sturdy, slim and neat. I love its color. It does my hair perfectly, without leaving the frizzy mess that my old hair iron usually did. My hair looks fantastic for a while, so I don’t use a hairspray. I love my hair since I’ve bought the GHD hair straightener. I recommended this unit to all my friends.

prosThe device comes with helpful instructions. I was astonished at the beeping that I’ve heard only several seconds after I switched it on. It glided through my hair smoothly. It straightened out my unruly hair in no time with ease. The unit has never done any damage to my hair. It requires several minutes to create whatever style I want. To change your hairstyle any time you wish, opt for this hair iron.

Unlike my previous hair irons, this one comes with a longer power cord.


consThe switch on/off button is placed on the inside. Although it’s not very close to those heated up plates, it may burn your hands if you are clumsy in the morning.

consIt comes with no temperature controller. As for me, it’s weird.

consThe unit features a thick cord. Although the unit’s body is very lightweight, its cable weighs pretty much.


MK4 ceramic hair iron

GHD MK4 CeramicBasic information about the model:

  • Features advanced ceramic heaters that apply the needed level of heat fully automatic
  • Infrared heat that protects your hair
  • Aluminum plates make your hair static-free and shiny
  • Comes with a rounded barrel for creating curls, waves, and flips
  • 347-365°F of heat
  • Shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Universal voltage

Positive customer feedback:

prosIt features a long power cord that doesn’t tangle. The device doesn’t overheat. It takes no time for it to get heated up. I’m glad that I bought this hair iron.

prosIt looks sleek and cool. The model is very easy to use and manipulate. It allows for straightening my hair without squeezing it.

prosThis hair iron is lightweight and easy to carry around. Universal voltage feature is my lifesaver. I like traveling, so I can take it to any country. The device straightens my hair in few minutes, making it look beautiful and healthy.

prosI dropped the GHD hair iron on the floor lots of times, and it still works well. This iron is a perfect choice for clumsy straighteners like me.

prosI have a thick and long hair, and this iron straightens it in almost no time. I like that it can detect how much heat it should produce. Gliding through my hair smoothly the iron makes it perfectly straight, silky, and shiny.


consThe users can’t regulate the heat-up process. Although the device detects the needed amount of heat fully automatic, I like to have full control over the whole process.


Advanced professional hair styler

ghd Professional Ceramic Heat-Styler,Manufacturer’s specification:

  • A rounded barrel that creates curls, waves, and flips
  • Universal voltage
  • Aluminum plates along with advanced ceramic heaters offer static-free and smooth sheen
  • Infrared heat that protects your hair


prosThis GHD hair iron is the best one that I could ever have. It straightens my curly, hard hair with ease. The device heats up in almost no time.

prosIt takes me less than a quarter of an hour to straighten my hair. When I’m done, my hair looks shiny and smooth.

prosIt represents value for the money. It works well at both straightening my wavy hair and creating some beautiful waves. I can take this iron with me when traveling. The auto shut-off feature also comes in handy.

prosThey delivered the package sooner than I expected. A high-quality iron is useful, reliable, and nice looking. When it is heated up it isn’t extremely hot, so I can put it on any surface.

prosIt works well at straightening my long, thick hair in a pass. Earlier, I spent hours getting it done; today, it’s a matter of several minutes.


consThe hair iron does an excellent job, but it comes with a hefty price tag. It hits me in the pocket.